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Stephen H. Hoover


Stephen H. Hoover is a Ph.D. Student at Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences in Boca Raton, Florida. He is also a Brain Institute Fellow at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) as member of the Graduate Neuroscientist Training Program (GNTP).

At FAU, Stephen is a member of the Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory (MPCR), and internationally he is a member of the AI Safety Reading Group. Prior to that, in 2017, he was a student researcher in the Tiny Earth Laboratory in the Department of Biological Sciences working on the discovery of novel antibiotics from soil microbes.

In the Summer 2018, he was a Visiting Student in the Biomedical Sensors Laboratory at the University of Warwick working on machine learning and robotic olfaction. By May of 2019, Stephen was awarded the distinction of Undergraduate Researcher of the Year by the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. Later in 2019, Stephen worked on reducing the toffoli depth of the substitution-box (S-box) used by quantum circuits as part of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) under the supervision of the Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. In Spring of 2020, he was one of only four student who earned a B.S. in Mathematics with both department and institutional honors from (FAU).

Stephen’s Ph.D. research focuses on producing on provably safe algorithms that achieve goals in a wide range of environments. The purpose of such work is to create generally intelligent systems that reliably complete underspecified objectives provided by humans without causing catastrophic consequences. His work is in the fields of reinforcement learning, mathematics specifically uncertainty quantification and decision theory, as well as computer science focusing on machine learning.